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HC-2XU04GG(2P/40A/208-240VAC) Definite Purpose Contactor

  • NO.:ECS000447
  • Quantity: 3000
  • Brand:watz
  • Price: $11 $13
    Type: HC-2XU04GG(2P/40A/208-240VAC) Definite Purpose Contactor
    Pole: Double Pole(2X)
    Termination: GG
    Standards: EN60947,UL508,GB14048
    FLA(Full Load Amps): 40A
    RES(Resistive Amps): 50A
    Ue(Rating of Voltage): 240/277/400/480/600/660V
    Ui(Rated Insulation Voltage): 600V
    Us(Coil Voltage): 208-240VAC
    Mechanical Endurance: 1000,000 Cycle
    Electrical Life: 250,000 Cycle
    Certification: UL,CUL,TUV,CE,CCC,ROHS,ISO9001
    Package: 50台/箱
  • Product Description
    • Multiply Configurations
    • Class B Insulation System
    • Multi-Positional Mounting
    • Approved By UL And Other Certification
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*Applicable and Description

1. Applicable Scope

HC-2XU04GG(2P/40A/208-240VAC) Definite Purpose Contactor(Follow Defers To DP Contactor),Mainly Is Suitable For 50Hz Or 60Hz, When The AC-8a Use Category Fixed Working Voltage Is 240V Or 277V The Nominal Current Up To The 40A Electric Circuit, Is Suitable For The Starting And The Control Single-Phase Motor (Or Compressor) And Other Single-Phase Loads.Mainly Uses In The Domestic Electric Appliances Profession, Specially In Air Conditioning Profession,Conforms To IEC60947, UL508 and GB14048standard.

2.Type and Meaning


H C - 2X U 04 GG  
Company Code Contactor Packing Y : Individual Box Pack    - : Factory Bulk Pack 2Pole Coil Voltage Rating of current Terminal  
*Product Explanation And Main Technical Parameter
Type HC-2XU04GG(2P/40A/208-240VAC) Definite Purpose Contactor
Standard IEC60947 UL508
Rating of Current Ie 40A FLA: 40A
Resistive Amps Ith 50A RES: 50A
Rating of Contacts Voltage Ue 240/277V 240/277/480/600VAC
Rating of Insulation Voltage Ui 660V 600V
Rating of Coil Voltage   Us: 208-240VAC 50/60Hz
Mechanical Life 1000,000 Cycle 1000,000 Cycle
Electricity life 100,000 Cycle 250,000 Cycle
Product Explanation

1.Product Description

HC-2XU04GG Is Suitable To Exchanges 50 Or 60hz, Fixed Working Voltage To240v or 277v, Fixed Operating Current To 40A Single-Phase Load Circuit Control,At Present, Widely Applies To The Single-Phase Mechanical Device Main Circuit As Well As The Single-Phase Air-Conditioner Compressor Control.

2 .The Regular Service Conditon And Installs The Condition 
a. In The Surrounding Air Temperature The Limiting Value Is +65 , Gets 
Down The Limiting Value Is -25 
b. The Installation Site Elevation Does Not Surpass 2000m 
c. The Air Pollution Rank Is 2 Levels 
d. Installs The Category Is Ii ; 
e. Installment Facing The Gradient Does Not Surpass ±5° 
f. Not Remarkable Undulation, Impact And Vibration Place.

3 .Main Technical Parameter 
a. Contactor Coil Picking Up In 75% ~ 110% Us Reliably 
Working, Its Drop Out Voltage In 20% ~ 70%Us 
b. Contactor Use Category: Ac-1Ac8a 
c. Contactor In With 0.4m Place, Its Noise Below 40db.

4 . Installing Specification And Install Size

a. Installs The Way To Be Fixed For The Screw, Some Two Kinds Install The Size To Choose One Kind Of Size Fitting Surface And The Horizontal Plane Are The Vertical Shape Gradient Are Not Bigger Than ±5°

b. Before The Use Should Inspect The Power Terminal And The Contactor 
Quick Connect Whether Inserts Arrives, Is Reliable, Avoids Creating 
The Breakdown, Behind Check Off May Electrify Tries . 




*Conforms To The Standard

Conforms To National Standard And International Standard


1 Conforms To UL508, IEC60947, GB14048Standard
2 Approved By UL,CUL,TUV,CE,CCC,Safe Certification and ISO9001 System Certification(SGS)

CCC Certificate Number:  2005010309156761

UL Files Number: E251539


*Ordering Request

In Order To Guarantee You Purchase Right, Please Read The Specify Type Before Order. 

Contactor Specification Model, Pole Number, Coil Control Voltage, Rating Of Operating Current, Wiring Way(Terminal), Whether With Cover ,The Packing Way, Etc

If You Request As Follows: Nominal Current: 40A, Working Voltage: 240/277V,480V,600V, Pole Number: One Pole Without Shunt, Coil Control Voltage:208-240V, Wiring Way: Quick Connect, Load Current: Single-Phase Motor Controls Or Heating Load, Packing: 50/Each Box (Factory Packing), With The Cover. Then You May Be Elect The Type : HC-2XU04GG

Lifts The Samples As Follows (Contains Derivation Type From This Model) 

Rating of Current


Pole Rating of Coil Control Voltage  Control Motor Power
24VAC 120VAC 208/240VAC 277VAC 380/480VAC 240VAC


*manual download
HC-1P, 1N, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X Series Definite Purpose Contactors DownLoad PDF DataSheet

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